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Change Clothing action icon, to return downloadable clothes in the blue locker

Dead Rising
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In the Dead Rising games, whenever a player sees an icon appear over an object or person they can press B to interact with it.[1]

Dead RisingEdit

Icon Name Description
Dead rising attack icon Weapons Icon[2]
Dead rising food icon Food Icon[3]
BOOK Icon Book Icon
Dead rising clothing icon Clothing Icon[4]
[[File:|40px]] Open/Close Door Icon
[[File:|40px]] Investigate Icon
Save icon Save Icon
[[File:|40px]] Key Icon

Dead Rising GuideEdit

Below is a description of action icons from the Dead Rising Game Guide, which came with the game.[5]

Dead rising Action icons

Dead Rising 2 iconsEdit

Dead rising alcohol icon Dead rising alcohol icon Alcoholic drinks In the beta version of Dead Rising 2 alcoholic drinks had a Martini glass shaped icon. This icon was replaced with the standard food icon.
Dead rising clothing icon Dead rising clothing icon 2 Clothing
Dead rising door icon Dead rising door icon Open/Close Door
Dead rising exit icon Dead rising exit icon
Dead rising food icon Dead rising food icon 2 Food Court
Dead rising heart icon Dead rising heart icon
Dead rising key icon Dead rising key icon Key
Dead rising magazine icon Dead rising magazine icon Magazine
Dead rising money icon Dead rising money icon Money
Dead rising money icon 2
Dead rising repair icon Dead rising repair icon
Dead rising save icon Save
Dead rising talk icon Dead rising talk icon Investigate
Dead rising trophy icon Dead rising trophy icon Trophy
Dead rising weapon icon Dead rising weapon icon Weapon
Dead rising wrench icon Dead rising wrench icon Wrench
Dead rising zombrex icon Dead rising zombrex icon Zombrex
Elevator icon Elevator

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  3. The Official Guide uses the name "Recovery Icon"
  4. The Official Guide uses the name "Change Clothes" (without the word "icon")
  5. Dead Rising Manual,

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