The Bazooka Bike also know as the Rocket Launcher Motorcycle is a weapon and vehicle found in Dead Rising 2. It can be crafted after the mission Meet the Contestants opens the Combo Bay, by combining a motorbike with a Rocket Launcher (combo weapon).


Dead rising bazooka bike main


  • Firing while moving forward can cause Chuck to take damage, as the bike travels faster than the rockets.
  • Chuck can find the weapons to make the rocket launcher at the start of silver strip just next to the entrance to the Slot Ranch Casino.
  • It is one of the few combo weapons that is made out of another combo weapon.
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Bazooka Bike (Rocket Bomber)
  2. Flare
  3. Fountain Firework




  1. Arrow explosive -- Blambow?
  2. ATM bankrun -- Bank Run?
  3. Bazooka Bike
  4. ChainLink
  5. Golfball - Golf Club
  6. Gumball Machine
  7. Intestine
  8. Tenderizers
  9. Plates
  10. Holy Arms
  11. Vinyl Records
  12. Training Sword
  13. Small Vase





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