DRW ATMs (automatic teller machines) are Dead Rising 2 machines found throughout Fortune City, usually in pairs. ATMs are destroyable objects.

In Dead Rising 2 they will yield $2,500 each when broken. As they frequently appear aside one another, a single good swing of a Sledge Hammer or similar heavy weapon can break both in a single swing, allowing Chuck to net $5,000.

In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero ATMs always stand alone, and yield $500 each when broken.


  • ATMs are approximately as strong as a looter.
  • ATMs cannot be be picked up.
  • Without the glow on the ATM, the screen says Dead Rising 2.
  • There is a ATM bankrun attack animation in the PC file items.txt:
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Arrow explosive -- Blambow?
  2. ATM bankrun -- Bank Run?
  3. Bazooka Bike
  4. ChainLink
  5. Golfball - Golf Club
  6. Gumball Machine
  7. Intestine
  8. Tenderizers
  9. Plates
  10. Holy Arms
  11. Vinyl Records
  12. Training Sword
  13. Small Vase


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