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A Woman in Despair is a scoop in Dead Rising. It takes place in Players in Paradise Plaza in the afternoon of the third day. It involves Simone Ravendark, a young woman who has been bitten by a zombie. Frank must have completed Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza, learning that Isabela is a medical technician, in order for Simone to join Frank.


Otis will call and say there is a woman hiding in the Paradise Plaza music store Players. The store is right across the hall from Child's Play.

Frank arrives Players to find a teenager sitting between the store window and a row of shelves. Simone saw her family and boyfriend attacked and turned into zombies. She is the only survivor of the group to live, though she was bitten on the arm. She tells Frank she has accepted her fate of turning into a zombie, and has given up all hope of avoiding zombification. Frank attempts to convince her to follow him back to a safer place by saying that there may be a cure for the zombie parasite. She will talk with Frank for a while and once she asks "How do you know there's a cure", she will join Frank, depending on if Frank has Isabela in the safe room:

  1. If Isabela is NOT in the safe room, Frank will say "I don't know..." and Simone will reply, "Ha I knew it. Just leave me alone".
  2. If Isabela is in the safe room, Frank will say "I know this medical technician, Isabela. She knows a lot about this zombie stuff... maybe she can help you." Simone will reply "Okay..." and agree to go with Frank.
Conversation with Simone
Dead rising simone
Frank: Are you ok? I'm here to help.

Simone: You came here to help. Me? Ha...

Frank: That's right. There's a helicopter coming to save us Friday. Everyone's fled to the Security Room. I'll take you there too.

Simone: To save us. Sorry, but it's too late to save me. I've been bitten.

Frank: So you were bitten... So what? That doesn't mean that you hafta turn into one of 'em.

Simone: Seriously? Where did you hear that?

If Frank passed case 6-1

Frank: A lady named Isabela. She is a medical technician and she knows a lot about the whole zombie thing.

Simone: She does huh? How?

Frank: Um... Yeah... About that... It's complicated. I cannot really explain it here.

Simone: Is it like a disease or something? Or is her specialty in B-movies?

Frank: Look... All I know is that she is the only one who knows how to deal with this thing. She probably has some way of treating it. Just trust me, ok? I'll take you to her. Please.

Simone: You really trust that woman, don't you? I guess you deserve the same. Take me to her.

If Frank have not passed case 6-1 (Continued from "Where did you hear that?)

Frank: Nobody told me anything... I'm just guessing here.

Simone: Well, you guessed wrong. (laughs hysterically) My family... My boyfriend... They all turned. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't, now wouldn't it?

Frank: Don't just give up. There's still hope.

Simone: Not for me there's not. Just leave me.[1]




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