Andy Talbat is a survivor appearing in Dead Rising 2 during the mission Dead or Alive? as he contemplates to commit suicide or not.

Andy was listed by Gretchen Peregrine on the August 6, 2010 Tape it or Die blog post as one of the members whom they would meet with in Fortune City.

Dead or Alive?Edit

Stacey gives Chuck a call about a man armed with a shotgun standing on some slots in one of the malls. Upon finding the man, Chuck will have to have a long conversation with Andy about the collective intelligence of the zombies that Andy has killed on top of a group of slot machines.

If Chuck leaves Andy's presence after initiating the conversation but before Andy joins, Andy will defect, saying "It's too much." or "The only way out is the easy way out." He will commit suicide by putting his shotgun to his chin, and blowing his own brains out.


Depending on the ending, Andy was either rescued by a helicopter sent by the Channel 6 News Station, killed by the military firebombing, or killed by Sullivan to cover up the truth behind the outbreak.


Dead rising adrian
  • While Andy's suicide is unlikely to happen in single-player, it is common in co-op, as another player being too far away from Andy will automatically trigger the death. Thus, both players must be present when talking Andy out of his suicide attempt.
  • Unsaveable arena victim Adrian Lee shares the same face model as Andy.

Dead rising introduction andy attacked by unknown zombie