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Ante Up is a mission in Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record. Chuck Greene is challenged to a Strip Poker game in the Safe House by three survivors that he has rescued. Each time a player loses all of their cash, they also remove a piece of clothing. The main difference between this mission and the High Rollers is how much it costs to buy into the game. Costing only $25,000 for Chuck to play.[1]


At least one of the following survivors must have been rescued for the mission to activate. When more than 3 of them have been rescued they are randomly chosen out of any of the survivors, including:

Save your game
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Save your game before entering the poker room, just in case you lose money.

Poker rules and tipsEdit



  • If Chuck is eliminated and the Underwear clothing item has not been unlocked before then it can be found in Chuck's locker.
  • If Chuck eliminates Jack, he will unlock the item Knight Helmet, which is a part of the Knight Armor. This is the only way to acquire this helmet.
    • If any other players succeed in knocking out Jack while Chuck is still in the game, Chuck will still obtain the helmet. Chuck can choose to quit directly after he is knocked out and he will still have the helmet. It will be waiting in the locker, if he is not already wearing it.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Jack is wearing the Protoman Helmet instead of the Knight Helmet but all the same rules apply.


The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Play poker in the Safe House
DESTINATION: Safe House Poker Room
I've been challenged to a poker game by the survivors back at the Safe House.
  • Having any of the gambling magazines gives Chuck more advantageous hands.[Verification needed]
  • Chuck can play with a friend during co-op mode. But it is not advisable to play this mission on co-op as it has glitches. The character models will become invisible for a second when a survivor loses a bit of clothing and the character models in cutscenes are completely invisible.
  • Off the record call: "Hey Frank, there's a... interesting poker game starting up in the Safe House. Might help you relax a little. "[2]



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