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Antique Lover is a scoop in Dead Rising. Frank receives a call from Otis about an old man in Ned's Knicknackery. Floyd Sanders is a real antique lover who would rather die amongst the antiquities than try to survive among the zombies. It takes some serious coaxing, but the old man finally agrees to join Frank. However, this means Frank is going to have to carry Floyd.[1]


Frank arrives at Ned's Knicknackery in the Entrance Plaza and finds Floyd Sanders, an elderly man who seems strangely calm about the situation. He reveals to Frank that he has recognized that he will eventually die, and prefers to die surrounded by art in the antique shop. Frank asks him whether he really appreciates the merchandise on sale as art, and successfully persuades him that he will have better chance of seeing true art once he is rescued. He offers to bring him back to the Security Room.



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