DRW Bob Blackrock is a survivor in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero found atop of a building in Still Creek. He is the father of Darcie Blackrock and found on a roof with a sniper rifle. He serves the same purpose of Otis Washington, alerting Chuck to potential missions.

Throughout Case ZeroEdit

After Dick Jones is rescued or killed, Bob appears on the roof of the building next to the Still Creek Hotel. He will refuse to be rescued, because his daughter has yet to be found, and will remain safe of the roof shooting at the zombies below with an Assault Rifle. As survivors appear around Still Creek, he will call Chuck onto the roof and give him some information on where the survivors can be found.

Above The LawEdit

At 7:00pm, Bob will call Chuck onto the roof and tell him that he spotted his daughter, Darcie Blackrock in his store, ad will ask Chuck to check up on her. After doing so, she will not allow Chuck to rescue her until Chuck brings Bob to her, or Chuck kills him. Bob will join Chuck after he has talked with Darcie.


  • There is a fresh wound on Bob's face, with a few stitches, indicating he may have been attacked and wounded during the outbreak in Still Creek.
  • If Bob defects he is much more difficult to kill than the mechanic Jed Wright. An Assault Rifle is the best weapon to use against him.



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