The DRW Broom Handle is a weapon in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. When the push broom is broken, the much more lethal broom handle is left behind.

The handle can be used like a spear, stabbing zombies in a melee attack, or lobbing the spear to impale one, leaving it to bleed to death from the wound.


Dead rising broom handle main
  • Main: Tap X to stab outwards, using the broom handle like a spear.

Dead rising broom handle combo
  • Combo: During the main attack tap X again.

Dead rising broom handle alternate
  • Alternate: Hold X and Chuck holds the broom handle in both hands along the shaft and push over zombies.


  • The broom handle is unique in that it is the only weapon that actually improves in effectiveness after breaking. The primary attack kills a zombie woman in one hit, whereas the secondary attack kills a zombie woman in three hits.
  • Dead Rising calls the broken Push Broom "Push Broom Handle" but Dead Rising 2 refers to the broken push broom simply as "broom handle".
  • Combining it with a machete will make it grow the head of the broom back.
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with

Unique to Broom Handle



  1. Broom Handle
  2. Mic Stand
  3. Push Broom
  4. Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Velvet Bar




  1. Broom Handle
  2. Tiki Torch
  3. Spear Launcher
  4. Spear



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