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The Bucket is a weapon in Dead Rising. Frank places the bucket over the zombie's head. Like all weapons, Frank can also throw it (Hold Tright and press X), but it does not do much damage. While not useful as a melee weapon, the bucket can help Frank score some PP, if he takes a photo of a zombie wearing it on its head. The bucket is a very common weapon and is found in many places. Putting the bucket on a zombie's head will score Outtake points.



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The following Dead Rising Weapons incapacitate but do not kill zombies:

1. Dead rising Bucket Bucket
2. Dead rising Hanger Hanger
3. Dead rising Hunk of Meat Hunk of Meat
4. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Bear) Novelty Mask (Bear)
5. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Ghoul) Novelty Mask (Ghoul)
6. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Horse) Novelty Mask (Horse)
7. Dead rising Novelty Mask (Servbot) Novelty Mask (Servbot)
8. Dead rising Painting Painting
9. Dead rising Pie Pie
10. Dead rising Pylon Pylon (traffic cone)
11. Dead rising Skylight Skylight
12. Dead rising Shampoo Shampoo
13. Dead rising Smokestack Smokestack



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