Dead Rising
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Cabbage is food in Dead Rising which heals Frank. It can be found at Seon's Food and Stuff Grocery Store and occasionally in cardboard boxes. There is another variation of this food item, red cabbage, that has the same healing properties as the regular cabbage.


  • Cabbage found in cardboard boxes is always green. Red cabbage is only found in Seon's.
  • The Official Guide, which makes some baffling decisions about what should and should not be included on its lists of items, (See Official guide list of weapons) lists both the red cabbage and the cabbage, when they are exactly identical except for color.
    Yet the guide does not mention the different kinds of milk, cooking oil, cookies, snacks and wine, which are also found throughout the mall as well as being in Seon's Food and Stuff, and have identical properties to the Seon's Food and Stuff food except for superficial appearance.[1]
Dead rising Cabbage Cabbage
Dead rising Red Cabbage Red Cabbage



  1. Off, Greg (August 7, 2006). Dead Rising Official Strategy Guide. BradyGames. , p. 116

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