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The Cardboard Box is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is a box used for storage of merchandise to be sold in the stores in the Willamette Parkview Mall. It is a heavy weapon that cannot be stored in the inventory.

Cardboard boxes can be found in locations such as store storage, warehouse and construction areas, they contain useful items, including food and weapons.

Frank can open a cardboard box by either throwing (Hold Tright and press X) the box at a solid object, such as a wall, or breaking it with a weapon. Garbage cans also contain useful items and are opened the same way.[1]



When the cardboard box is broken, it spawns a different item. Food items will not appear from the cardboard boxes during Infinite Mode. The item inside depends on the location the cardboard box is found in.

The following is a list of items that can be found in cardboard boxes:


Dead rising stove teresa's oven

The four Cardboard Boxes in Teresa's Oven always contain Uncooked Pizza.



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