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Case 1-4: A Temporary Agreement is the fourth case Frank West receives. It is activated by returning to the security room after talking to Dr. Barnaby, and is completed after the cutscene ends.

Jessie discovers that the signal is being blocked, and they are unable to contact headquarters. Frank tells them that a helicopter is coming to pick him up in three days. Brad and Jessie think that might be the key to getting Dr. Barnaby to co-operate, and decide to pay him another visit the next morning. Meanwhile, Brad heads out to search for supplies.

Unlimited Katanas and Battle AxesEdit

Unlimited Katanas and Battle Axes
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Before leaving Entrance Plaza, go up the escalators and follow the upper walkway around to the left; the second store on the right past the big sports store window you'll find is an antiques store, Ned's Knicknackery. Inside, in the cabinets at the very back, there are as katanas and battle axes which never run out of stock.

Introduction to the queensEdit

{{#ev:youtube|IwC_O5ZIy9M|300|left|Dead Rising - Cutscene 15 - Bees}} The warehouse has zombies in it now, although if Frank is coming through after 5:00pm he will be introduced to the Queens.

Avoid the elevator full of zombiesEdit

GAMESPOT Video:Dead Rising Warehouse|thumb|300px|left|How to avoid the elevator full of zombies by climbing up the shelving]] The undead are also in the elevator up to the rooftop, but if you don't want to face them there's another way to the roof. As soon as you come out of the corridor into the main Warehouse room, turn right and climb the boxes against the wall to get up to the top of the shelving units; you can jump across those to the diagonally opposite corner, where you'll find a narrow walkway that will lead you to a door that opens onto the rooftop.

Frank reveals his helicopter pickupEdit

When Frank tells Brad and Jessie about the helicopter that's coming to pick him up in three days, they start warming up to him a little, and Brad thinks this news might be the information they need to get Dr. Barnaby to co-operate - for now, he is going to look for more supplies, but you'll be heading back to get the good doctor first thing tomorrow morning.

Frank reveals his helicopter pickup
Dead rising frank
{{#ev:youtube|ZNsPcKWKTIo|300|left|Dead Rising - Cutscene 16 - Case 1 Closed}}

Dead rising case 1-4 security room cutscene (2)

Jessie: Hmmm. So that's what Dr. Barnaby said huh?

Dead rising case 1-4 security room (2)

Brad: The old coot's not dumb. He wants us to call for help first. We got a line out, or what?

Jessie checks her laptop

Jessie: Ugh! The signal's being blocked...

Dead rising case 1-4 security room cutscene

Jessie: I cannot even contact HQ on the emergency line.
Brad: So, if we want to get our hands on Dr. Barnaby, we're gonna to have to secure a way out of here ourselves. Alright, we've gotta deal with the situation we've been handed. The boneheads back at HQ might be workin' on something too...

Dead rising case 1-4 security room (3)

Frank: There's a helicopter comin'. Three days from now... At noon. It's my ride.
Brad: Is your ride reliable?

Frank: Absolutely. That's how I plan on gettin' outta here.

Dead rising case 1-4 security room (4)

Brad: Alright then. I'll see to it that the DHS picks up the charter fee. Can we take Dr. Barnaby as well?
Frank: long as you tell me what's going on.

Brad: Ok. I'll tell you what you want to know...later. We have more pressing business right now. If we have to wait here for 3 days, we'll need supplies. Uh, water, blankets and the like. We'll get Dr. Barnaby here tomorrow morning.

Brad points toward Jessie.

Brad: I want you to keep an eye on the monitors.

Brad leaves.[1]
Dead rising case 1-4 complete Dead rising case 1-4 security room

Case 2-1: Image In The Monitor starts on September 20 at 6:00am, in the Security Room. Remember the game can be saved here.

Optional cutsceneEdit

Dead rising case 1-4 image answered anytime

Arrive after midnight.

If Frank is in the Security Room after midnight, there is an optional cutscene between Frank and Brad.

Optional cutscene
Dead rising brad
{{#ev:youtube|NgTmWeys_kQ|300|left|Dead Rising - Cutscene 19 - Still Shrouded in Mystery}}

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Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene (2)
Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene (7)


Brad stands at the air duct with a box

Brad: Yo, Frank! Gimme a hand here!

Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene (3)
Frank takes a cola out of the box and Brad grabs his arm

Frank: Wh-What gives?

Brad grabs the cola

Brad: Considering the helicopter and all, we have to work together. But that doesn't mean we can tell you everything.

Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene (5)

Brad: And everything we do tell you, cannot necessarily be printed.
Frank: Yeah, so?

Brad: So, I just want you to appreciate the situation.

Frank: Well, we're up to our necks in zombies. Yeah, I think I appreciate the situation just fine.

Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene (4)

Brad: Zombies...

Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene (6)

Brad: I still cannot believe all this, you know. It seems so unreal...
Frank: You alright there?

Brad: Yeah, I got it.

Dead rising Case 1-4 Optional cutscene
Brad enters the monitor room

Jessie: You should rest a while, Brad.

Brad lays the box down
Brad: You go ahead and catch some sleep first. We can switch in 4 hours, ok?[1]


  1. a b Hall, Kevin. Dead Rising: Game Script by Berserker, GameFAQs, (January 5, 2009).

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