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Template:! Kill three mercenaries. Chase and board Tyrone King's train on a motorcycle. Kill the train mercenaries. Confront Tyrone King. Template:!}

DRW Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride is a Dead Rising 2 case.

Template:Navbar Chuck arrives in the underground just as Tyrone King is exiting a train. Tyrone orders his three mercenaries to take care of Chuck and closes a metal gate. After Chuck defeats the three mercenaries, he throws a fourth mercenary off his bike. The bike breaks through the gate.

Chuck retrieves the bike and chases after Tyrone's train. He takes a ramp and jumps onto the train. Once on board, Chuck must defeat several mercenaries and get to the front of the train.

At the head of the train Chuck confronts Tyrone. Tyrone admits to framing Chuck. He then unlatches the engine from the rest of the train, and beginnings shooting at Chuck.

The unlatched wagons comes to a stop and Stacey calls, asking Chuck's status. He explains that Tyrone framed him. Stacey responds that his concern should be Katey's daily Zombrex dose.

Chuck finds a key on the ground next to the train wagon.

Jump on the train
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There is an easy way to jump on the train. When the chase begins, get to the right of the train as it leaves the platform. It will take several seconds to get up to speed. If Chuck can pull alongside it from the right and push left before it reaches full speed, Chuck will clip through the side of the train, where the first sharp shock will bump you onto the train itself.


  • After this case, the black Dead rising Mercenary Bike Mercenary Bike will respawn at Underground Warehouse E below the Palisades Mall, on the edge of the platform.
  • Any survivors Chuck brings will be left behind during the train chase sequence and will take damage.
  • When TK fires his pistol at Chuck, he does not pull the trigger, but the pistol still fires, also, the chamber does not retract like it does in-game.
  • The title is likely a reference to The Beatles song, "Ticket to Ride" from their 1965 album, "Help!".
  • This case is similar to Off the Record's Case 3-2: Sign of Life. In that case Frank takes pictures of the mercenaries and jumps on the train instead of catching the train with a bike.
  • The Off the Record 2-2 case is entitled: Case 2-2: A Familiar Face.




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