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For the Dead Rising 2 case, see Case 4-1: The Source.

Case 4-1: Another Source is a case in Dead Rising where Isabela Keyes is spotted entering the supermarket and Frank decides to go after her for information.


{{#ev:youtube|6qsl6HVLy14|300|right|Dead Rising - Cutscene 27 - Isabela Rides Her Bike}} Frank spots Isabela outside Seon's again on the security monitor, and decides that she might be more the sort of information source he needs for his story.

Continue to the next article in the walk through, Case 4-2: Girl Hunting.


There are several cases which are only cutscenes:

  1. Case 1-1: A Dangerous Encounter - Jessie also gives Frank a handgun.
  2. Case 2-1: Image In The Monitor
  3. Case 3-1: Professor's Past
  4. Case 4-1: Another Source
  5. Case 5-1: A Promise To Isabela
  6. Case 6-1: Santa Cabeza
  7. Case 7-1: The Last Resort
  8. Case 8-1: Jamming Device



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