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Case 5-1: Stake Out is a case in Dead Rising 2. Rebecca tells Chuck to meet her on the Rooftop of the Safe House. When he arrives, the pair see a helicopter landing on the roof of the Fortune City Hotel. At the end of the custcene, the next case, Case 5-2: The Getaway begins.


Chuck: Good. We can see the whole city from here.

Rebecca: Chuck - we can't afford to miss this. If the Twins were right, and TK gets away in that chopper...

Chuck: I know.

Rebecca: Here - I found these in the bunker. (hands Chuck binoculars)

Chuck: It's been a while. Do you think we can trust that reliable source of yours?

Rebecca: I'm sorry, Chuck. Look, I... Hey - there it is! It's landing on the hotel. Looks like TK's getting ready to check out.

Chuck: That bastard's not going anywhere. There's no way I'm taking the fall for this.

Rebecca: We better hurry. I'll meet you there.



{{#ev:youtube|S9BrxW51WD4|300|left|Waiting for TK's helicopter}}


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