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For the Dead Rising 2 case, see Case 5-2: The Getaway.

Starts: Immediately after Case 5-1: A Promise To Isabela

Case 5-2: Transporting Isabela is a case in Dead Rising where Frank must bring Isabela to the Security Room.


Pick up Isabela Keyes and open the door, but be careful - survivor Kindell Johnson will most likely be in the area and his shotgun blasts may hit Frank. He can be recruited to assist the transporting of Isabela

Like all survivors Frank carries, an advantage of carrying Isabela is that the zombies have a harder time grabbing onto Frank; in most cases, Frank can just muscle straight through a crowd of them without much trouble - that even goes for the ones in the warehouse elevator.

Carry Isabela back through North Plaza and across the Leisure Park, avoiding the zombies and the convicts, as even if Frank has killed them before they will have respawned at midnight.

Head through Paradise Plaza, keeping out of the way of the undead - fortunately, the cultists are not around at this point - and go through the Warehouse to the Rooftop and Security Room.

Carlito Mall Intercom AnnouncementEdit

After rescuing Isabela Carlito begins to talk over the mall intercom.

Carlito's Pleas Over the Mall Intercom
Dead rising carlito
Carlito: Isabela. I am so sorry... I never meant to shoot you. Now, I've gone and hurt you... Please... Forgive me... Please come back to me... I know you can hear me, Isabela! I'm sorry you had to get wrapped up in all this... But you know... You know I'm right... Come back to me, Isabela... There are still things you need to do... I cannot do this without you... Please...[1]

Conversation with BradEdit

In the security room Jessie will start patching Isabela up, while Frank explains who she is and Brad makes plans for questioning her as soon as she is awake.

Discussing Isabela
Dead rising brad
{{#ev:youtube|ZfRLnko7qb0|300|right|Dead Rising - Cutscene 31 - Isabela gets shot}}
Frank opens the door to the monitor room while carrying Isabela

Brad: Who is that? Is she hurt?

Frank: Yeah...

Frank and Jessie lay Isabela on the sofa

Frank: You're lookin' at the bad guy's sister.

Dead rising case 5-2 transporting isabela (2)

Jessie: Bad guy? The one who caused all of this?

Dead rising case 5-2 transporting isabela (3)

Frank: That's right. Her asshole brother caused the zombie outbreak.

Screen fades
Dead rising case 5-2 transporting isabela (4)

Brad: His sister? What in the hell is going on here? I mean does this have anything to do with the announcement earlier?

Frank pulls Brad over to the side

Frank: I don't know much more than you at this point, ok. But he shot her. I can tell you that. And just so you know, that would be the same guy that shot you.

Brad: What's he after? What's his ultimate goal?

Frank: I don't know. But according to her... His plan is not over. Not yet.

Brad: Fine. Consider her in DHS custody. We'll question her when she wakes up.[2]

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  • Carlito's mall intercom report is repeated at Day 3, September 21, 10:20 am. At 11 am Carlito gives a second announcement, starting Case 7-1.
  • Carlito's mall intercom plea to Isabela can be just as clearly heard in Leisure Park as in the North Plaza, but none of the mall announcements or mall elevator music can ever be heard in Leisure Plaza.


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