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Case 7-3: What Lies Beneath is a case in Dead Rising 2. Chuck Greene returns to the safe house with the Phenotrans laptop he retrieved from the underground lab, and gives it to Rebecca Chang. Rebecca manages to hack her way in, and uncovers detailed information on Phenotrans' plans. The company engineered the outbreak so that they could harvest Queens, and extract from them the key ingredient of Zombrex. Just as Rebecca tries to contact her producers with the information, Raymond Sullivan enters the room and shoots Rebecca in the head. Sullivan reveals that he has been working for Phenotrans all along, and was the one that impersonated Chuck and planted the bomb at the arena and sabotaged the safe house doors. Sullivan prepares to shoot Chuck, but Stacey Forsythe disarms him with a baseball bat. Chuck grabs Sullivan's gun, and Sullivan flees the safe house. Chuck picks up Rebecca's radio and goes after Sullivan, intent on making him pay for what he is done.


  • If Chuck looks into the room before opening the door Chuck can see the laptop Chuck is supposed to be carrying is already on the table.
  • A bug that was introduced in a patch disables the screen of the laptop, so when Chuck pulls up the info on the screen there's nothing on screen.





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