Dead Rising
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DRW Ceremonial Sword is a weapon in Dead Rising. It is an ornately decorated sword which is accessible to Frank after he kills True Eye cult leader Sean Keanan in the scoop A Strange Group. Like all unique weapons, it respawns after Frank leaves and then returns to the theater area.


  • Primary: Tap the Template:Xbutton button to slash forward with the ceremonial sword. This attack is capable of bisecting zombies.
  • Secondary: Tap Template:Abutton button to jump and tap the Template:Xbutton button to swing the ceremonial sword in a vertical slash. This attack is capable of bisecting zombies.
  • Thrown: Hold down the Template:Rtrigger trigger to go into aim mode and press the Template:Xbutton button to throw the ceremonial sword.


  • When the ceremonial sword is selected as the current weapon, Frank West will be unable to perform the Jump Kick as the command will cause him to perform the ceremonial sword's secondary attack instead.
  • The ceremonial sword does not respawn in Overtime Mode.


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