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Child's Play is a toy store on the first floor of Paradise Plaza in Dead Rising. It is filled with a variety of toys and books for kids of all ages. The most notable attraction in the store is the large Servbot statue. On the second day, a pair of twins can be found in the store - one hiding behind the counter and the other desperately trying to get inside.

Special Prestige Point Bonus Edit

There is a Special Prestige Point Bonuses in this toystore.

Dead rising prestige points serbot

Frank can hit the Servbot head to realign it for 10,000 prestige points.

Dead rising pp childs play sercbot pp bonus

Use Frank's spit for small movement changes. To spit,hold Tright while pressing X while Frank is not equipped with an item. Unequipping an item is done by pressing Dup.

Prestige point sticker Edit

Dead rising pp childs play

The back of the Servbot has a prestige point sticker.


  • The name Child's Play comes from a 1988 American horror movie, in which a serial killer possesses the body of a doll.
  • One guide states that weapon damage can be tested on the Servbot Head. The rotation is an excellent indicator of damage dealt. The Real Mega Buster and Laser Sword rotate the Servbot Head almost exactly 1.5 times, the most of any weapon. A Toy Laser Sword makes the head move fewer than five degrees.[1]
  • Pamela Tompkins technically is not in this store, but rather right outside it in the moat.


See Ye Olde Toybox for many of the toy textures found in this store


See Ye Olde Toybox for many of the toy textures found in this store


  1. West, Matthew.Dead Rising - Infinite Mode Strategy Guide, GameFAQs, (December 20, 2006).

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