Dead Rising
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Chris Hines was a survivor appearing in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. He was found in the Entrance Plaza of the Willamette Parkview Mall. He was killed when Lindsay Harris removed the barricades and allowed the zombies to break into the plaza.


In the Introduction Chris Hines made it to the mall for refuge before Willamette was overwhelmed by the zombies. He was first seen erecting a barricade at the Entrance Plaza with Freddie May and Ryan LaRosa. When Lindsay attempted to remove the barricade to rescue her dog, Chris tried futilely to stop her. He was killed when the zombies broke into the plaza.

Infinity ModeEdit

In Infinity Mode, Chris appears at the Security Room from 4:07:00 to 4:19:00 carrying melon.


Dead rising Chris survivors casualties in breach at beginning of game
  • Chris is the only victim to die face down when the zombies break into the Entrance Plaza.
  • There is no notification of Chris Hines' death on screen after the Introduction cutscene in the Entrance Plaza ends.
  • Chris has two different models, one for when he is alive (wears a darker green shirt) and one for when he is dead (wears lighter green shirt). His notebook picture reflects when he is alive.



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