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Dead rising Colombian Roastmasters (Paradise Plaza) PANORAMA

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Dead Rising
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This article is about the Colombian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza. For the Al Fresca Plaza store with the same name see Colombian Roastmasters (Al Fresca Plaza).

Colombian Roastmasters is a Paradise Plaza cafe located on the second floor of Paradise Plaza in Dead Rising. It has a branch store by the same name in Al Fresca Plaza. Kent Swanson appears in this restaurant over the course of Frank's stay in Willamette. On one of his visits to the restaurant, he holds a Tad Hawthorne hostage.

As Frank enters the restaurant, break the glass to the side of the left counter for infinite pies.


Dead rising colombian roastmasters pie cupboard (2)


Infinite Pies
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An infinite amount of pies are located at Colombian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza and Al Fresca Plaza. Break the counter glass on the left to access.


Dead rising colombian roastmasters pie cupboard

Prestige Point StickerEdit

Dead rising pp paradise plaza (5)

There is a prestige point sticker on the round sign, far corner of store. The sign is on the pillar between the entry way heading to Ye Olde Toybox and the pond on the first floor below. When taking the picture, Colby's Movieland will be in the background.


Dead rising colombian roastmasters entrance plaza ad

"Enjoy the rich aroma of our specially selected beans"
—Advertisement for both Colombian Roastmasters in Entrance Plaza
  • Description on the map page: Our unique and patented technique of quick-roasting our specially selected beans to seal in the flavor allows you to sample a coffee taste you've only dreamt of.


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