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The Convicts, consisting of Sam Franklin, Reginald Jenkins, and Miguel Sanchez, are Dead Rising psychopaths involved in the mission Prisoners. They are three escaped convicts who ride around in a stolen military Jeep with a mounted Heavy Machine Gun. They occupy Leisure Park, attacking survivors and zombies alike.

The convicts are unique among psychopaths - they will respawn at midnight each night, with the exception of September 22.


In the unannounced scoop the Prisoners, Frank enters the park to find three escaped prisoners in a jeep, one driving the vehicle and Miguel armed with a baseball bat while Reginald controls the heavy machine gun. The passenger attempts to swing his bat at Frank but misses. The trio then spot a man and woman (Sid & Sophie Richards) running through the park. The convicts kill Sid with a swing of the baseball bat, leaving Sophie frightened and distraught.

Frank can take the convicts Jeep when the trio are dead, earning the Carjacker achievement and the Prisoner outfit. Frank is also able to take the Heavy Machine Gun off the back of the vehicle.

Battling the ConvictsEdit

Dead Rising: Chop Till You DropEdit

In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, the Convicts battle is replaced with an interactive cutscene telling you to shake the Wii remote and press certain buttons. Upon doing this successfully for a while Frank is able to kill off each of the convicts one by one. Snapping the gunner's neck, killing the passenger with his own bat, and finally, killing the driver as he tries to run over Frank, unsuccessfully, as he runs into a tree, wall, or light post.


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  • The Dead Rising Original Soundtrack track, Gone Guru by Lifeseeker will play repeatedly as long as the Prisoners are alive.[1]
  • The convicts do not count towards the Psycho Collector, Self Defense, Psycho Taker or Punisher Achievements.
  • The Convicts are the only psychopaths to not have a health bar or names above their characters.
  • When photographed, the word "Prisoner" will appear in the PP list, instead of their names.
  • In one of the trailers, Reginald Jenkins is shown driving and Sam Franklin is on the gun.[Verification needed]
  • If Frank makes the Jeep inoperable without killing the two convicts in the front seat, they will simply sit in the vehicle, immobile.
  • In Infinity Mode the convicts spawn at 2:00:00 until 7:00:00. Each of them drop some weapons, but no food.
  • If Frank kills one or two of the convicts, enters the mall and then goes back into the park, all three prisoners will have spawned again.


{{#ev:youtube|IxNb7EhxazI|300|left|Dead Rising - Cutscene 14 - Convict Psychopaths}}


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