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Cooking Oil is a weapon in Dead Rising, and is found in restaurants around the Willamette Parkview Mall. It is a mediocre weapon, but when it is thrown it will spill, so it can net Frank some Prestige Points if he takes a photo of a zombie slipping on the oil.

Frank can also place cooking oil in a blender to make mixed juice, although this usually yields Randomizer.


  • Thrown: When Frank throws the Cooking Oil (Hold Tright and press X), zombies comically slip and fall multiple times. Frank and survivors do not slip.


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The following weapons make zombies slip and fall if thrown (Hold Tright and press X):

Zombies slip multiple times
Dead rising Cooking Oil Cooking Oil Dead rising Oil Bucket Oil Bucket
Dead rising Gems Gems Dead rising Perfume Prop Perfume Prop
Works only once
Dead rising Gumball Machine Gumball Machine
Dead rising Pet Food Pet Food

Frank and survivors do not slip.Template:Weapons

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