Dead Rising
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Dead rising Crislip's Home Saloon PANORAMA

Panorama of Crislip's Home Saloon . To fully enlarge, click this picture, then click the image again

DRW Crislip's Home Saloon is a North Plaza store in Dead Rising. It is one of two major stores inside this plaza, the other being Seon's Food and Stuff. In the early morning of the second day, Franks gets a call from Otis about seeing a man with a machete walking around this store, giving Frank the scoop The Hatchet Man, involving the psychopath Cliff Hudson, who is holding three survivors hostage as 'POWs' in the locked empty store next door.

Prestige point stickersEdit

There are three prestige point sticker in Crislip's.

Dead rising pp crislips sign

Crislip's Home Saloon main sign

Dead rising pp crislips

"Supporting your lifestyle" sign behind the counter.

Dead rising pp crislips garden

"Gardening as a pastime" sign in the southwest corner, near the Excavators.


  • Crislip's has the largest amount of weapons in the game.
Dead rising wonderland plaza mall store ads

"Supporting your lifestyle"
Wonderland Plaza ad for Crislip's.
  • Description on the map page: We stock everything from everyday hand tools to specialized large scale tools for those tough jobs.
  • Zombies cannot climb over the counter or the railing, although they often jab Frank across the railing. This gives Frank a great opportunity to take close up pictures of the zombies.
Dead rising in the closet advertisement 2006
  • There is a poster advertisement in In The Closet for David Crislip at the Python Countdown Live, December 31, '06.

  • The store is most likely named after David Crislip, a Capcom staff member who was a game content consultant and lead translator.
  • Frank still gets prestige points for taking pictures of the dead zombies that Cliff hanged from the ceiling, but they are easily missed as they will only appear during The Hatchet Man.
  • Crislip's is shuttered off in Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop. The only time Frank is in the store is during the Odd Job missions A Very Special Forces Cult and Crawling Terror.



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