Dead Rising
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Dakota is a victim in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. She was seen trying to escape the zombie outbreak in Willamette with her mother Connie.

Opening CinematicEdit

Template:Navbar The cinematic begins showing a zombie from the knees down ambling onto the highway and being struck by a car at night. Inside the car Dakota, whose eyes are covered by her baseball cap, asks her mother what that noise was. Connie tells her she ran over a big frog, but Dakota does not believe her saying "Frogs don't sound like that!" Dakota complains that she is bored and wants to open her eyes, but Connie insists she be a good girl and keep her eyes closed. As the car rounds the bend Connie sees Willamette ablaze with three helicopters flying overhead, and then an out of control semi-trailer truck jackknifing toward them. Connie swerves to avoid the truck, but the end of the trailer clips the rear passenger side of the car and sends it spinning off of the road. Dakota, who hit her head in the collision, removes her cap to find her mother slumped over the steering wheel. She shakes her in an attempt to wake her. A zombie can be seen out of Dakota's window. She turns to look out the window, but the zombie is nowhere to be seen (although the door of the semi can be seen open). Connie regains consciousness and hugs Dakota, just as a zombie slams against the driver side window. Being low on gas and possibly damaged in the collision, the car refuses to start. Connie attempts to knock the zombie away from the car by shoving open the door, but she doesn't push hard enough and as she attempts to close the door the zombie is able to stick its hand inside the car. The zombie overpowers Connie and flings the door open. With both feet Connie kicks the zombie in the chest and knocks it away from the car. She quickly closes the door and again attempts to start the car as dozens of zombies begin to surround it. The car's headlights flicker several times while the engine can be heard turning over, but the car does not start. The lights and sounds of the car finally stop and Connie and Dakota scream as the screen fades to black.


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  • Connie and Dakota, bear a striking resemblance to Cliff Hudson's daughter and grand-daughter in the photo in his wallet.[1]
  • Frank never encounters Connie or Dakota, so neither character is listed in Frank's notebook. They do, however, appear in the Characters section of in the game manual.
  • Dakota is wearing a Colorado Aspens baseball cap, see Homerunner's.


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