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For the Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record soundtrack, see Dead Rising 2 Original Soundtrack.
For the Dead Rising 3 soundtrack, see Dead Rising 3 Original Soundtrack.

The DRW Dead Rising Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of video game music from Dead Rising (Xbox 360). It features both the original soundtrack composed by Hideki Okugawa and Marika Suzuki, and several tracks composed by various artists. It was released in Japan on March 30, 2007 by Suleputer as a mail-order limited edition of 2000 copies, bundled with a T-shirt.

A non-limited edition version of the album, with an identical track listing, was released on June 20, 2007.[1]

Track listingEdit

Name Length Artist Location in Game Lyrics
Blame It On The Cold One 2:04 Carlton Moody
Fly Routine 2:31 Hostile Groove
Slave 3:45 The Evolutionaries
Heaven's Creepin' In 3:57 Supernova Syndicate
Bored Again 3:30 Lockjaw A Strange Group
On A Mission 3:18 Hostile Groove
Justified 4:05 Drea (Eric Gorfain Mix)
Dead Rising 0:58 Marika Suzuki
Frank West 1:52 Hideki Okugawa
Zombie 1:35 Hideki Okugawa
Carlito 2:23 Hideki Okugawa
Adam (Crazy Clown) 1:50 Hideki Okugawa
Cletus (Gun Shop Owner) 2:18 Hideki Okugawa
Brad 1:57 Marika Suzuki
Kick The Pedal 1:47 Hideki Okugawa
Kent (Rival Photographer) 2:08 Hideki Okugawa
Paul (Arsonist) 1:40 Hideki Okugawa
Army 1:20 Hideki Okugawa
Brock (Commander) 2:27 Hideki Okugawa
Mall Music 1 1:11 Hideki Okugawa
Mall Music 2 1:31 Hideki Okugawa
Mall Music 3 1:34 Hideki Okugawa
Mall Music 4 1:50 Hideki Okugawa
Mall Music 5 1:16 Hideki Okugawa
Mall Music 6 1:23 Hideki Okugawa
Stuck In The Car 1:37 Hideki Okugawa
Entrance Plaza 1:14 Marika Suzuki
Dr. Barnaby 0:51 Marika Suzuki
Disquiet 1:16 Marika Suzuki
Isabela 1 0:53 Marika Suzuki
Cliff 0:56 Marika Suzuki
Isabela 2 2:41 Marika Suzuki
Sean 0:35 Marika Suzuki
Police Officer 1:33 Hideki Okugawa
No Time To Lose 1:33 Marika Suzuki
Santa Cabeza (Carlito's Locket) 2:40 Hideki Okugawa
Day 4 12:00 0:59 Hideki Okugawa
Escape 0:36 Marika Suzuki
Method To Prevent Infection 1:06 Denbaron
Irritation 1:07 Marika Suzuki
Undercover Scheme 1:18 Hideki Okugawa
What Was Solved? 0:45 Hideki Okugawa
The Last Moment 0:58 Marika Suzuki




  • The one track that is missing but is present on the video game release is the song Gone Guru by Lifeseeker, this was due to a licensing agreement.[Verification needed]


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