Template:Infobox Throughout the game, Frank will encounter Psychopaths - survivors of the zombie outbreak who are aggressive towards Frank. Often, they've taken other survivors hostage and will attempt to kill them.

While the term psychopath is used as an umbrella term for all of the game's bosses, many of these people are sane. Most of them are actually driven mad by the outbreak , such as Adam, Cliff, and Steven, a couple are corrupt people taking advantage of the situation like Jo Slade and the Convicts, while others are simply overcautious such as the Hall Family and Cletus. Brock Mason, in particular, is not mad or insane, but a soldier carrying out his orders, though with cruel intentions, he takes pleasure in killing innocent people.

List of psychopathsEdit

The list below is in more or less chronological order.

Name Description Location TimeScoop
PP reward
Cletus Samson [[File:dead rising cletus.pngTemplate:!100px]] A neo-confederate gun shop owner who has severe trust issues and refuses to talk to anyone. A very aggressive man with a whole arsenal of guns and ammo who will not stop until he is killed. Huntin' Shack Day 1, Sept. 19, 12pm

The Gun Shop


Carlito Keyes [[File:Dead rising carlito.pngTemplate:!100px]] The perpetrator of the Willamette Incident. He is responsible for the zombie outbreak and the murder of some 50 thousand innocent people. He must be stopped before he causes further harm and before he can carry out his ultimate plan. Food Court

Location icon Entrance Plaza

Location icon Maintenance Tunnels

Day 1, Sept. 19

Case 1-2: Backup for Brad
Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor
Case 7-2: Bomb Collector

20,000, 30,000, 50,000

The Convicts [[File:Deadrisingwikia6.jpgTemplate:!100px]] Escaped convicts who patrol the park with a humvee. Three prison inmates roam Leisure Park shooting survivors and zombies alike, especially the vulnerable Sophie who's friend was murdered by the convicts. Leisure Park Day 1, September 19, 6:00pm


3,000 each

Adam MacIntyre [[File:dead rising adam bust.pngTemplate:!100px]] A well-known clown loved by many in Willamette who went mad after the zombies killed his audience, wielding two dangerous small chainsaws . Now he rigs the Space Rider to go insanely fast at night to keep the zombies away, though he has a hostage tied up on board. Wonderland Plaza Day 1, Sept. 19, 9 pm

Out of Control


Steven Chapman [[File:Dead rising steven bust.pngTemplate:!100px]] The Seon's Food and Stuff manager who hates vandalism. He will do anything to protect his store, even if it means harming others. He captured a Isabela Keyes after she was caught trying to take some supplies for her survival. In order to release her, Steven needs to be dealt with, especially if Frank is going to get the medicine needed for Brad. Seon's Food & Stuff Day 2, Immediately after Case 2-2: Rescue The Professor

Case 2-3: Medicine Run


Cliff Hudson [[File:Dead rising cliff.pngTemplate:!100px]] A Vietnam war veteran experiencing war flashbacks due to witnessing a gruesome sight of his granddaughter being eaten by the zombies. Now locked in his flashback, he has captured several people, convinced they're the enemy and has turned the store he occupies into a bloodbath from his "enemies". Crislip's Home Saloon Day 2, Sept. 20, 8 am

The Hatchet Man


Isabela Keyes Dead rising isabela Isabela Keyes is the sister of the main psychopath of the game, Carlito Keyes. She fights Frank on a motorcycle when he tries to talk to her in front of the supermarket. She later joins Frank West in his quest to reveal the Willamette incident. Entrance Plaza

Location icon Seon's Food & Stuff
Location icon Security Room
Location icon Carlito's Hideout


Case 4-1: The Source

Jo Slade [[File:Dead rising jo.pngTemplate:!100px]] A corrupt sadistic police woman who has captured several women, holding them captive at the Lovely Fashion House. She violently tortures and degrades her hostages, eventually killing them one by one if not stopped. Lovely Fashion House in Wonderland Plaza Day 2, Sept. 20, 1 pm

Above The Law


Kent Swanson [[File:Dead rising kent bust.pngTemplate:!100px]] A mischievous photographer trying to out do Frank with taking pictures of the outbreak. He provides several photo challenges to Frank, in hopes of coming out as the top photographer. His selfish greed has led him to capture and attempt to kill an innocent man if he is not stopped in time by Frank. Paradise Plaza

Cut From the Same Cloth
Photo Challenge
Photographer's Pride

??, ??, 30,000

Roger Hall [[File:Dead_rising_roger.pngTemplate:!100px]] A sniper wielding family killing survivors and zombies. Roger and his two sons, Jack and Thomas, snipe all beings in the Entrance Plaza, claiming it's for their own survival, despite shooting humans who clearly aren't zombies, including a man who is their current target. Entrance Plaza Day 2, Sept. 20, 5 pm

Mark Of The Sniper


Paul Carson [[File:Dead rising paul.pngTemplate:!100px]] A pyromaniac who was caught terrorizing two women at the Casual Gals store with Molotov cocktails due to being paranoid about people making fun of him. After a change of heart, this psychopath can become a saveable survivor. Casual Gals in Wonderland Plaza Day 3, Sept. 21, 4 am

Long Haired Punk


Raincoat Cult [[File:Dead_rising_true eye.pngTemplate:!100px]] Willamette Parkview Mall Day 2, Sept. 20, 1 pm

The Cult

500 each

Sean Keanan [[File:Dead rising sean.pngTemplate:!100px]] The murderous leader of the True Eye cult, killing "non-believers", claiming that spilling their "tainted" blood will stop the zombie outbreak. Sean and his cult has five survivors ready to be "sacrificed" in theater 4 of Colby's Movieland. Colby's Movieland Cinema 4 Day 3, Sept. 21, 12 am

A Strange Group


Larry Chiang [[File:Dead rising larry.pngTemplate:!100px]] An obese butcher believing that zombies are spoiled meat and people are fresh meat. This demented butcher needs to be killed in order for Frank to gain information out of Carlito, who has been captured by Larry. Meat Processing Area Day 3, Immediately after Case 8-3: Jessie's Discovery

Case 8-4: The Butcher


Brock Mason [[File:Dead rising brock.pngTemplate:!100px]] A Special Force officer who came to Willamette for the clean up. He leads the Special Forces to carry out the clean up operation in the mall, killing zombies and survivors alike. He is ruthless, cold man who decided to exterminate the population of Santa Cabeza to cover up what happened there, instead of trying to fix it. Now he is trying to do the same to Willamette. Construction Site Day 4, Sept. 22

Overtime Mode

Respawning psychopath weaponsEdit

All psychopaths with unique weapons respawn whenever Frank leaves and then returns to the location.[1]

Dead rising adam Adam MacIntyre Small Chainsaw Wonderland Plaza
Dead rising cliff Cliff Hudson Machete Crislip's Home Saloon North Plaza
Dead rising reginald Convicts[2] Heavy Machinegun, Jeep Leisure Park
Dead rising isabela Isabela Keyes Motorcycle North Plaza
Dead rising larry Larry Chiang Meat Cleaver Meat Processing Area Maintenance Tunnels
Dead rising sean Sean Keanan Ceremonial Sword Colby's Movieland Paradise Plaza
Dead rising steven Steven Chapman Weapon Cart Seon's Food and Stuff North Plaza
Dead rising paul Paul Carson[3] Molotov Cocktail
Psychopaths without respawning weapons
Brock Mason
Dead rising carlito Carlito Keyes
Dead rising cletus Cletus Samson
Dead rising roger Hall Family
Dead rising jo Jo Slade
Dead rising kent Kent Swanson

Psychopath prestige point bonusesEdit

Every time Frank defeats a psychopath he receives prestige points. Prestige points become higher and higher for each psychopath defeated as the game progresses.[4] Template:Navbar

DAY ONE September 19Edit

Dead rising carlito Carlito 1 20,000
Dead rising cletus Cletus 20,000
Dead rising adam Adam 20,000

DAY TWO September 20Edit

Dead rising carlito Carlito 2 30,000
Dead rising steven Steven 30,000
Dead rising cliff Cliff 30,000
Dead rising isabela Isabela 30,000
Dead rising jo Jo 30,000
Dead rising roger Roger 15,000
Dead rising jack Jack 15,000
Dead rising thomas Thomas 15,000

DAY THREE September 21Edit

Dead rising sean Sean 30,000
Dead rising paul Paul 30,000
Dead rising kent Kent 30,000
Dead rising carlito Carlito 3 50,000
Dead rising larry Larry 50,000

Psychopath photo bonusesEdit

Photo Opportunities give Frank extra Prestige points by snapping a shot of certain characters as a yellow PP icon appears over their head when they perform a certain action.

A shot of every Photo opportunities can be taken on every playthrough, but each shot can only be taken once per playthrough.

The amount given for each shot will be determined by how well the shot is captured. Always zoom in for the closest possible angle. These are all worth up to a maximum of 10,000 Prestige Points.[5]

CasePsychopath Description
Dead rising love lasts a lifetime (5) Jeff Meyer and Natalie Meyer Love Lasts a Lifetime Hugging
Dead rising walkthrough (7) cut from the same cloth Kent Swanson Cut From The Same Cloth Signature pose for Cut From The Same Cloth mission
Dead rising walkthrough (7) cut from the same cloth 3 Kent Swanson During a Jump Kick.
Dead rising out of control adam photo ball perfect Adam MacIntyre Out of Control Posing after juggling chainsaws.
Dead rising out of control adam greg leading Greg Simpson Out of Control Waving for Frank to follow him.
Dead rising japanese tourist and greg 4 perfect photo Yuu Tanaka and Shinji Kitano Japanese Tourists bowing upon joining Frank's party.
Cletus' photo op Cletus Samson The Gun Shop When Cletus shoots Frank he swigs some wine to celebrate
Dead rising lovers ross suicide Ross Folk Lovers Shooting himself in the head after Frank gives him a handgun.
Needed Steven Chapman Case 2-3: Medicine Run Steven Chapman tries to dash toward Frank with his Weapon Cart.
Dead rising the hatchet man pp photo Cliff Hudson The Hatchet Man Jumping into one of the trapdoors at Crislip's Home Saloon.
Dead rising restaurant man pp 10000 Ronald Shiner Restaurant Man Laughing after given food.
Needed Kay Nelson Above The Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still tied up.
Needed Lilly Deacon Above The Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still handcuffed.
Needed Kelly Carpenter Above The Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still handcuffed.
Needed Janet Star Above The Law Killed by Frank or Jo while she is still handcuffed.
Needed Jo Slade Above The Law Poses with her handgun. After 9 shots Jo will reload and do her pose.
Needed Isabela Keyes Case 4-2: Girl Hunting Jumps a ramp in North Plaza.
Needed Nick Evans Hanging by a Thread Hanging from the giant rabbit.
Needed Sally Mills Hanging by a Thread Hanging from the giant rabbit.
Dead rising a woman left behind (4) Jolie Wu and Rachel Decker The Woman Who Didn't Make It Hugging her friend Rachel. Up to 20,000 PP?
Needed Jack Hall Mark Of The Sniper high-fiving his father Roger after shooting Frank.
Needed Roger Hall Mark Of The Sniper High-fiving his son Jack after shooting Frank.
Needed Sean Keanan A Strange Group Praying. Leave Colby's during the fight and come back. Open the door to Screen 4 to see Sean praying.[Verification needed]
Needed Nathan Crabbe A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Needed Beth Shrake A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Needed Ray Mathison A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Needed Michelle Feltz A Strange Group While tied up, allow Sean to kill any of the survivors, or Frank kills them himself
Dead rising the drunkard gil (3) Gil Jimenez The Drunkard Posing during his conversation.
Needed Paul Carson Long Haired Punk Laughing after a Molotov cocktail hits Frank during the fight.
Dead rising long haired punk (3) Paul Carson Long Haired Punk While Paul burns after accidentally setting himself on fire.
Find Cheryl's Request Cheryl Jones Take some photographs of Cheryl
Needed Larry Chiang Case 8-4: The Butcher When Larry is low on life he will run over to a bucket of meat and eat from it.
Dead rising overtime mode brock the final battle (23) Brock Mason Overtime Rotating his arm before grappling Frank.



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  2. Respawn at midnight everyday.
  3. Frank receives the Molotov Cocktail after finishing Paul's Present
  4. Off, Greg (August 7, 2006). Dead Rising Official Strategy Guide. BradyGames. , p. 119
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