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Demand and Supply is an unannounced mission in Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record. It involves Sven Blaaborg, the paramedic Chuck saved. Sven let Tim's death get to his head and he will demand booze.

Chuck finds Sven in the cafeteria demanding vodka or whiskey. Chuck must bring back Sven booze and the mission will be complete and the reward is zombrex.

Chuck can easily find a bottle of vodka in the Safe House. Jump on the Cardboard Boxes in front of the main entrance, where Chuck came from at the beginning of the game, there is a Leaf Rake nearby and a pair of 2 x 4's. This will cause the boxes to break, normally the boxes will either spawn a saw blade, snack, box of nails, meat cleaver, chef's knife, cooking oil, and even vodka. If the vodka doesn't spawn Chuck can leave the Safe House and then reenter, this is an easy way to finish the mission without having to fight a single zombie. Chuck can also tip over the Plastic Garbage Cans and repeatedly jump on them and they will often spawn a vodka.

Mission DialogueEdit

Dialogue of the mission in the Off the Record game files. All text may not be actually used in the final game.


  • Sven says: "So much for emergency preparedness! What is this, the Superdome?" This is probably a reference to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, which housed many of the refugees after Hurricane Katrinia in the summer of 2005.


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