Dick   Dick Jones (Case Zero) 


Dick Jones is a survivor who runs a pawnshop in the town of Still Creek in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. He has some bike parts on hand for Chuck to repair the broken motorbike.

After bringing the motorbike back to the garage, Chuck finds Dick on top of a white van in the street, surrounded by zombies and shouting for help. After Chuck reaches the elderly man, he asks him to be brought to his pawnshop. Once the number of hungry zombies clawing at the van have been thinned, he will start heading to his store.

After Dick has been returned safely to the pawnshop, he offers to sell Chuck clues relating to the locations of certain bike parts. In addition to selling hints, he sells weapons, Zombrex and a $5,000 motorbike wheel.

Dick is crucial in escaping from Still Creek as he has the only wheel in town needed for the motorbike. If he is killed, then Chuck fails his overall mission and the game is over.



  • Dick Jones is the only survivor to not reside in the safe house after being rescued. Instead, he takes refuge in his shop, safe behind a chain link fence. As a result, his status in Chuck's Notebook is always listed as Located. However, he is included in the count of survivors saved.
  • Dick shares a similar character model with Bill Montagu, though the colors and pattern have been changed.
  • While atop the van Dick says:
  • "Someone must be alive in this shit place."
  • "Somebody? any-damn-body!"
  • "Anybody out there? Dang it."
  • "I need my pills!"
  • "I need some damn help here!"
  • "Dammnit, hello!"
  • "Whose the hell out there?"
  • "If they eat me, I'll give em gas!"
  • "Oh these zombies today."
  • "Oh these zombie brats."



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