Dynamite   Dynamite (Dead Rising 3) 


DRW Dynamite is a weapon in Dead Rising 2. When thrown, it explodes. It can also be punched into the mouths of zombies like a hunk of meat causing them to explode along with anything close by.

Dynamite is found in a number of locations including some Maintenance Rooms. There are two on top of the trees inside Royal Flush Plaza next to the exit to Fortune Park. The letters TNT are written on dynamite, despite dynamite and TNT being two very different explosives.

There are also a number of Combo Weapons which incorporate dynamite as part of its design:


Dead rising dynamite main
  • Main: Tap X/Square to stuff the DRW Dynamite into a zombies mouth.

Dead rising dynamite thrown
  • Thrown Hold Tleft and press X/Square to throw the dynamite.


  1. Food Court - Maintenance Room 5 between Cheesecake Mania and Cucina Donnacci (1) (inside)
  2. Food Court Upper Platforms
  3. Fortune City Arena - Maintenance Room 23 North of Terror Togs (E101)
  4. Fortune Park Main Area
  5. Fortune Park - Maintenance Room 11 South side
  6. Palisades Mall Second Floor Main Area
  7. Palisades Mall - Maintenance Room 9 between Brand New U and Ned's Knicknackery (P204)
  8. Palisades Mall - Kid's Choice Clothing (P209)
  9. Royal Flush Plaza - Outside of Children's Castle atop the palm tree (2)
  10. Silver Strip - Maintenance Room 17 between Pub O' Gold (N107) and Shamrock Casino (N106)
  11. Silver Strip - Rockets Red Glare (on top of kiosk) (N108)
  12. South Plaza Main Floor
  13. South Plaza Upper Platforms
  14. Underground - Warehouse C Maintenance Room 33
  15. Underground - North tunnel Maintenance Room 31

Children's Castle palm treeEdit

Dead rising childrens castle 2 dynamite in palm trees

In front of the Children's Castle is a tall palm tree that extends up from Royal Flush Plaza’s first floor. Two sticks of dynamite rest atop the tree. Vault the railing and step onto the tree’s solid palms to collect the dynamite. Visit The Chieftain's Hut to get bow and arrows to build blambows.[1]


  • The items.txt PC game file has another weapon called HatRemoverBlue which has the same display name and appearance as dynamite.
Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Dynamite
  2. Hanger
  3. Hat Remover Blue
  4. Hunk of Meat
  5. Mannequin Female Left Arm
  6. Mannequin Male Left Arm
  7. Scissors
  8. Dynameat



  1. Stratton, Stepehen (2010). Dead Rising 2 Prima Official Game Guide. Prima. 

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