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Los Perdidos, California is the site of Dead Rising 3. It is a fictionalized version of Los Angeles. In making the game Capcom smashed a whole bunch of cities around LA together.[1]The city is the location of a zombie outbreak, which is locked down and under martial law.[2][3]

The entire city is in chaos, with fires breaking out, thousand of civilians, police, ambulances and fire vehicles wrecks and destroys in the streets, large traffic snarls on major roadways, train derailments, and hundreds upon hundreds of civilians, police officers, firefighters, nurses and doctors being turned into the undead zombies.

The Dead Rising 3 design team has essentially hand-crafted spaces with no repeated content. A player is not going to come across a cookie-cutter world.[4]


The city is split into several neighborhoods that are connected by several bridges, freeways, and tunnels:



Dead rising 3 map




  • On December 08, 2011, Siliconera reported a rumor that Dead Rising 3 will be set in the city of Los Perdidos, California. On June 10, 2013 in the Capcom Dead Rising 3 announcement, the rumors are confirmed to be true as Los Perdidos is shown in the announcement trailer.
  • Spanish Los Perdidos translates to "The Lost".
  • There is a "Los Perdidos Springs" in Costa Rica.[5]


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