Here at the Dead Rising Wiki, we rate weapon strength and speed on a certain scale.

Weapon StrengthEdit

  • Joke - The weapon does marginal to no damage. It is most likely intended to be a joke.
  • Weak - It will take over 5 hits to kill an enemy.
  • Okay - It will take around 3 hits to kill an enemy.
  • Good - It will take around 2 hits to kill an enemy, 1 hit if used on head (some weapons like the Rock).
  • Great - It will only take one hit to kill an enemy (with the exception of Psychopaths).

Weapon SpeedEdit

  • Slow - The weapon's attack speed its slow and its recovery speed is also slow. It will take around two to three seconds to use this weapon. (Ex. Cash Register, Bench)
  • Medium - The weapon's attack speed and recovery time is average. It will take around a second or two to use this weapon. (Ex. Sword)
  • Fast - The weapon's attack speed and recovery time are fantastic. It will take under one second to use this weapon. (Ex. Lead Pipe)

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