Dead Rising
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The Dead Rising Demo is a demo of Dead Rising released before the final version of the game.

The game begins on the 19th at 4 pm, after the Case 1-1:A Dangerous Encounter cutscene. Frank can explore all of Paradise Plaza, except for Colby's Movieland.

Differences with FrankEdit

Other mall areasEdit

Dead rising demo end screen left area
Screen advertising full version when Frank leaves Paradise Plaza.
Dead rising demo end screen left area (2)
Dead rising demo end screen left area (3)
Final screen.

Information screensEdit

Dead rising demo 017
  • There is no initial explanation screen when Frank is first grabbed about how to break out of a zombies' grasp. Instead the blue globe ticker appears and states:
    • When grabbed by an enemy, rapidly push Left to the left and right to shake them off and free yourself.
  • There is no information screen when Frank first tried to use the blender.

Demo and full game similaritiesEdit


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