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Zombies are people infected by mutated wasps or other zombies, either through stings or bites, appearing in all games in the Dead Rising series. Their only purpose is to find, infect, and devour humans. They were previously human beings who were infected with the parasitic larvae of an unknown experimental wasp. Zombies are rather fragile and easier to kill then uninfected humans.

When bitten by a zombie it takes on average around 24 hours to become one, though it varies greatly from person to person, and can sometimes depend on where the person is bit (for example, a person bit in the neck will transform within seconds and this is shown in Dead Rising 2, while an arm bite may take longer). However, if a person is bitten by more than one zombie multiple times, then this may quicken the process. The only exceptions are perhaps Chuck Greene and Frank West, who both sustains many bites from zombies over the course of the game and never become a zombie. This is meant for gameplay purposes, but Isabela notes that Frank does have a high resistance to the infection. Gretchen Peregrine explained that a bite needs to be somewhat deep to infect a person.

Dead Rising 3
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Template:Infobox Capcom states there can be three times as many zombies on screen at once in Dead Rising 3 as in the previous game...Regular zombies, firefighter zombies, big ones, small ones, even a "Paris Hilton" zombie that can be found in the swankier area of the city.[1]

Dead Rising 3Edit

A player will "never see the same zombie twice" due to the game's procedural generation technique. "It's all procedurally generated: hair styles, clothing, colors, textures. And the gore is too: missing jaws, missing eyes."[2] Art director Alan Jarvie explains: "There's a f---ton of zombies. Because our scarring system, clothing system, and the body/head systems are all randomized, you could potentially see many permutations. They're not all pre-modelled."[3]

Zombies have different personalities. "Muscle memory" is how Capcom explain these different enemy types, police will instinctively fire weapons and firefighters will instinctively swing axes. The firefighters are also tougher, as would be the outline for their profession.[4]



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